North American Shredding can help your company incorporate a cost efficent and secure paper shredding program. As your trusted partner North American Shredding will assist you in preparing a program that is tailored-fitted  to your specific businesses needs. We understand that secure, and compliant programs that are working for other companys, doesnt automaticly mean that it will work for yours. Allow us to perform the due diligance on your business to underestand what you are looking to accomplish, and we just might be able to save you more in return. Are you just looking to price a one time paper shredding purge? Let us provide you with the information on different shredding services offered. As well as impart you with pricing, that allows for an easy understanding of what the charges for secure document destruction will be. At North American Shredding… our business, is bringing the local shredder to your company.

Product destruction and recyling the residual materials work hand in hand. Many of the items destroyed or rendered unusable can be recycled. With an eye to the environment, and the recovery of these “re-usables” North American Shredding enlists the aid of a multitude of providers who are proficient in this industry. North American Shredding understands that shredding documents at the highest level of compliance stops Idenity Theft, but that recycling 100% of what has been shred help saves our planet.

We believe that the future of America lies with companies who understand the need and necessity of recycling, of course the products must first be destroyed, capturing the recyclables and recovering them for reuse.

North American Shredding LLC. is the perfect partner for larger National companies that need secure document destruction but, who also wish to support the local community in which they operate. Who would know the territory, the community, and the needs of your facility better than the people who have lived and worked there all of their lives? North American Shredding LLC performes the due-diligence necessary to establish and foster relationships with the finest providers in the nation. These member providers earned all of the knowledge first hand and are ceretified to the highest NAID standards. National Shredding companies sometimes purchase small shredding companies in select areas to simply fill a territory. More often than not it is easier to purchase facilities, rather than build facilities replacing the local people who made it a success and installing their own corporate trained individuals.

North American Shredding LLC allows the local company to compete with the larger company by offering centralized billing, customer service, National pricing, and a operations department that operates from 8am eastern until 5pm pacific. North American Shredding LLC supports the 3/50 project. For every $100 spent in independently owned stores, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll, and other expenditures. If you spend that in a National chain, only $43 stays local. Please visit for more information.